About Us

Welcome to Clock Woodburners Spares & Accessories, we stock everything from stove fans to replacement rope seals.

Here at Clock Woodburners we are passionate about designing and building efficient, effective and stylish stoves. Warm, cosy and secure is how you deserve to feel at home, and creating this feeling is at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to create a range of stoves, all designed and built here in the UK, that not only lift your spirits and warm your toes, but leave you secure in the knowledge that you have chosen a highly efficient stove that is built to last.

From time to time, parts on your Clock stove will need replacing; which is why with our Spares & Accessories website, you can rest easy that everything is built with the same robust and efficient build quality as your original stove.

All our parts and accessories are designed and built for you here in the UK. Plus, packaging, shipping, after-sales care and customer services – well that’s all managed here by us in the UK too.